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Private (NSW) – 03/01/09 – Melanie of Sydney, Review by Gauge
post 3rd January, 2009 – 01:30am

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State: New South Wales

Melanie is a well-known private WL whose service has been favourably reviewed many times before.

She greeted me in one of the outfits from her photos and instantly conveyed herself as a very quirky and interesting character. We talked at length and she proved to be a unique conversational partner. Her complete openness and honesty were engaging, although she did wonder whether that was off-putting for some clients (such as in relation to her being married).

Mel is fully pictured (face shown) in the photos on her website except for her interesting collection of tattoos. Downstairs, she was waxed smooth if I remember correctly.

We had a fun session blessed by her genuine enthusiasm for sex. The highlights included kissing (fine even after she smoked), a new experience provided by her tongue’s interest in ears, and her working me over with very skilled natural French, topped off with swallowing.

All in all, a session with Mel is characterised by both your pleasure mattering to her and her seeking – and usually succeeding – to genuinely enjoy herself. She is completely generous with time as has often been said before, and offered great rates too. I was fortunate to see her some time before she relocated to the Central Coast and her rates increased (not unreasonably by any means).

Website: http://www.melanieofsydney.com.au/

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Private (NSW) – 20/11/08 – Melanie of Sydney (VIC Tour), Review by Davo
post 22nd November, 2008 – 08:06am


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State: Victoria

Had the pleasure of seeing Melanie today. After some problems with contact and arrangements ( all my doing) we finally hooked up.

M is certainly no clock watcher. I booked for one hour and she stayed over two hours and it was only that I had a “post sex” engagement that I almost literally had to throw her out (sorry M).

She is as everybody has described. Wonderfull and funny. Opinionated. Great body washer and just a great fun time girl to be with.

Oh and the Sex was great as well.

M came highly recommended by Jayde so the next time I am in Sydney or if they can hook up to come to Melbourne together I will certainly enjoy their delights!!






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Private (NSW) – 21/11/08 – Melanie of Sydney (VIC Tour), Review by Eggshen.
post 27th November, 2008 – 09:19pm

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From: geelong, vic
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State: Victoria

Ever since i joined FIA back in ’06 Melanie is someone who ive been wanting to see. She is not the dime a dozen “High Class Exclusive 5 Star Lingere Model Luxury Companion”. She is however an extremely unique, fun and sexy lady.

After a bit of confusion over the start time of our booking I showed up at the very dark reception of Spellbound, then was shown to the very dark waiting area, then shown to Melanie’s very dark room. The place needs some new lightbulbs or something. But after a bit of a chat it was into the shower, Melanie generously offered to help me disrobe and then some.. I think its always a massive turn on when a lady deviates from the usual pattern. A little something before the shower even takes places gives the whole booking a more personal and less “i’m paying for sex” like feel.

Anyway, not to give too much away, I had a great time, The look that she gives you when shes giving you some of her phenomenal oral will just make you melt…. She gives a great massage, And has a very very very nice pair of big boobs, very fun when they are oiled up and sliding all over your body.

She also has a mean array of toys to use. Including anal beads which i used for the 1st time. They gave an amazing sensation as they all came out at once. Although they probably arent the best for a proper prostate massage happy ending as they cant really stimulate as well for a sustained period of time like a normal dildo/vibe would.

I would definitely recommend Mel to everyone, Shes a great lady and i will definitely be seeing her next time shes down in Vic (even if she did try to talk my ear off). Hopefully next time i might get my 1st real double with my regular lady Robyn and Mel, Which unfortunately didnt work out on this trip because of tour timing.

Go see Mel guys, She didnt win escort of the year for nothing!






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Private (NSW) – XX/11/08 – Melanie, Review of a relaxing afternoon by Leftorius
post 15th November, 2008 – 11:09am

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State: New South Wales

After spending a relaxing afternoon with Melanie of Sydney I just have to tell somebody about it.

I had never used a professional service before this encounter and must say that Melanie made it a relaxed non intimidating experience. I had read her website and seen the reviews and spent at least 2 months trying to decide if I should take the plunge and give it a try. I had settled on using her service instead of any of the other services as a result of the reviews I had seen and I can say it was worth the trip from Sydney to Gosford for the session. It did help she currently has red hair, something I love in the look of a girl.

I had decided my first time to take it easy and just do a 1 hour massage service (plus I really wanted a massage so why not have some fun as well). I contacted Melanie and made the booking. It was now set, I had a booking for the Friday afternoon. While arranging the booking Melanie she had mentioned if I wanted her to dress in anything in particular to let her know and she would try and accommodate it for me. Being the unoriginal person I can be, I chose the time tested naughty School Girl with something a bit sexy underneath.

I was greeted by the gorgeous Melanie in what looked like a legitimate high school uniform with a smile and “welcome in”. I will say at this point I was very nervous and I think it may have shown a bit. I was shown to a lounge room where I given a drink and we spoke on such far-flung topics as computer games thru to how to strike deals with co-workers to get them to put your requests at the top of there to do pile. This helped greatly to calm the nervs and help me to relax and feel comfortable with Melanie. I proceeded then to the Pre-massage shower. After jumping in and having a quick wash (it happened to be a bloody warm and muggy day) I was drying my face off and as my eye’s were uncovered from the towel there was Melanie to say hi and give me a hand to dry off.

I was pampered to one of the best Massages I have ever had, Melanie all the time prompting me to let her know what I wanted as I think she could tell I was still a bit nervous. Once she was into it though I could not have been happier, I can still almost smell the Jaffer scented oil she had (I will never be able to smell Jaffers and not think of that afternoon). She was able to coax me into being a bit more adventuress. She was more than happy to show off her curvy body to great effect. She did at one point make me choose if she would keep her tie on or her panties, It was a hard choice (by this time I will say the choice was not the only hard thing) but in a round 1 second the choice was made and she was left in only a cute little stripped tie.

Melanie managed to move from the massage section to the fun part effortlessly, all the time helping me to become more and more relaxed with what was happening. I will say if you do make the choice (one I recommend you do) to visit Melanie try out her behind the knee move, It took me by surprise, but I will say it was a very pleasant surprise.
With the session moving to a close Melanie went to great efforts to make sure I got all I paid for and more, even seeming embarrassed a bit when at the end she was “moving me along” quicker than she normally would, even though we had gone well and truly over the 1 hour time (in fact I managed to lose track of time so much I turned up late to dinner engagement I had planned for after the session).

When you are with Melanie you can tell she genuinely appears to have a passion for the work and loves doing what she does. For anybody (who like I did for a while) is umming and arrhing about taking the plunge all I can say is that it was worth expanding the envelope and taking the drive to Gosford.

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“The difference between involvement and commitment is like an eggs and ham breakfast.
The chicken was involved. The pig was committed”





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Private (NSW) – XX/02/08 – Melanie, Review by tooezy
post 20th February, 2008 – 12:57pm

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I have had the pleasure of seeing Melanie twice now,and i can guarantee you,it is money very well spent…and certainly very good value for money.
I was a little shy the first time so i just booked for one of her pampering services,which was a full body (and i mean “full body”,she doesnt miss a spot) scrub and a massage.I was nervous when i first walked into her place,but she made me feel so at ease straight away,by offering me a drink,and indulging me in conversation,which i have to say she is very good,and you lose your nerves very quickly.
After my body scrub in her shower she led me to her bed and lay me face down to begin her amazing all over massage,which lasted for about 30 minutes,till i was turned over and given a very slow happy ending.I was allowed to touch and kiss her anywhere i wanted,which made it even better.
She is so not a clock watcher,i booked her for an hour,but i think i was there for almost 2.
The second time i saw Melanie i thought i would be a bit more daring,so i enquired about a fantasy that i have had for a long time.Without even thinking about it for 2 seconds she told me that was no problem,and the great thing was that it would be at no extra cost.I have looked at a lot of different ads on various websites from other escorts,and most of them charge extras for fantasy situations,but not Melanie…..she was actually excited to help me fullfill a long awaited fantasy.
Again this time i booked for an hour,and like the first i saw her,there was no clock watching.We actually ended up chatting for well over an hour after my booking time.
I am sure that most guys here know that Melanie was voted as the independent escort of the year in 2007,well i can certainly see why,she has my vote.




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PostPosted: Mon Jun 25, 2007 7:27 pm Post subject: Review (editted) received by Mercury 2
The following review was received by Mercury 2 by a member who wished to not post on the board on this occasion. All members are reminded that PMs of any description ARE NOT to be sent to Mercury1 or Mercury2 as they perform typing duties ONLY.

"I saw Melanie about 6 months as an outcall, she came to my place in the XXXXXX suburbs.

Overall an excellent experience. She’s a bit on the goth side but not over the top. Very intelligent, fascinating conversationalist, genuinely erotic, great imagination and into lots of different kinky stuff- golden showers, foot fetish, rimming, light B&D etc. Very obliging and doesnt make you feel weird by asking for such things, passionate and obviously enjoys her work.

The only criticism I have is that she referred to her male partner frequently, she even showed me her mobile phone photos- I like to maintain a certain exclusivity during the process, even if it is only a fantasy.

Definitely intend to see her again, probably an incall at her place.[b]

Messenger of the Gods !!.
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Oh well I guess completely open and honest about everything doesn’t work with everyone.
Perhaps I should check if people want the monogamy role play when they make bookings.


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below was a summary of various privates – I have only copied the section about me

Lemmids Thoughts on The Privates He has Seen,Hope this passes moderating
post 14th June, 2007 – 09:16pm


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I thought that I would just spend a few minutes providing my views on a range of private ladies I have seen and that still work.(in no particular order) Hopefully it might be of some assistance:
Melanie: A voluptuously shapely gothic looking girl who is definitely not a glam but provides great honest and some hard to get services. (Have to see her site and ask her for details). Friendly and an easy relaxing time.Great fun. Her web-stie tells it as it is and shows her as she really is. Refreshing really!




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Jack Kerouac  

Joined: 23 Apr 2007
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PostPosted: Fri May 18, 2007 11:34 am      Post subject: Melanie Robinson of Sydney 0423 146 046
I just reviewed my previous posts and it looks like all I’m interested in is pussy and assholes and have no life. Come to think of it I don’t.

Anyway, I have seen the lovely Melanie before she ‘retired’, (She has now returned.)

She is a larger lady, but in a very nice sensual way. She is not a bbw.

She’s a bit at the high end of my price range for me, but after talking to her over the phone saw her for a half hour. I took her standard service, plus natural French with CIM.

She is service oriented. Once she knew I was genuine over the phone she asked me exactly what I wanted and did she ever supply it!

For me she dressed in a schoolgril outfit and played the part to a tee.

When I arrived I started with the expected shower and Mel joined me for some reallly deep kissing and she went down to the old fella and woke him up.

After that we went to the bed for more kissing, some nice 69 and a little DATY on my part. She is extremely clean and smelled and tasted really nice.

Whne I saw her she had more of a punk look, rather than goth look she shows on her website. She has some interesting tats on her back that she’ll tell you about.

She was expensive for me but worth every penny. She was energetic and wow can she really suck and kiss.

I finished with CIM and she sucked every drop and swallowed the lot.

I hadn’t seen her since as she ‘retired’ and has only recetnly returned to the scene. She a nice person as well. She’s just a bit expensive for me, but for those with a wad of cash she’s great.

Now its off to 12 Bellvue St. where I’ll report back on Monday.
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Private (NSW) – 19/04/07 – Melanie of Sydney, Review by Wonny
post 24th April, 2007 – 05:18pm

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I had a very special interlude with Mel last Thursday.

Everything promised on the website came true!!!

Great BBBJ (cim), mutual oral/doggy and spanish to finish off.

Mel is a very pleasant young woman and very easy to get comfortable with. She was very responsive to my needs and I came 3 times in 4 hours (I can not remember the last time I was able to do that!). And by the way the clock was not watched – I paid for 3 hours and got over 4.

I will be seeing this lady again as time and finances permit.



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post 28th April, 2006 – 09:28pm

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I was fortunate enough to spend the better part of an afternoon with the curvacious Melanie of Sydney,after visiting her website and talking to her in the chatroom I had decided to make a booking.I found Melanie to be intelligent,witty and very open-minded especially with some of the requests that I had asked of her during our time together. I wont go into the explicit details except to say that our time together was light-hearted and fun in nature which was exactly what I had wanted from our time together.One thing that I had noticed is that this woman can go from GFE to PSE in the blink of an eye and back again,which I found highly enjoyable. I also had the pleasurable experience of witnessing one of Melanie’s "black-outs" and after reading some of her reviws I now know I must have done something right,well atleast I hope I did. Overall I had a great time with this woman and I would not hesitate in seeing her again.Time spent with this woman can be a very rewarding and memorable experiece,it certainly was for me,one of the things I remember most about this woman is her gorgeous eyes and amazing eye contact when she is with you. Thank you Melanie,hope you had fun & next time dont forget your glasses lol. bogan.



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Private (NSW) – XX/XX/06 – Melanie of Sydney, Review by lemmid
post 26th April, 2007 –03:03pm

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I saw Mel a while agos and before her hiatus. She is not what you call “stunning” in the traditional sense and is on the largish/”curvey” side. Did not quite do it for me.(And she may well say that I did not do it for her!) But having said that: she clearly shows who she is on her site without embellishment in either words or by photoshop; she does provide very pleasant company and “alternative-style” company; does provide some “hard-to get-services” and with enthusiasm. She obviously serves a ‘niche’ market and …..Good on her!!



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post 5th February, 2006 – 05:03pm

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i hope you fellow melbornites had the pleasure of seeing the lovely melanie of sydney on her current tour. i cant wait for her next tour.

mel is a great girl with a great attitude. she is friendly and very intelligent.

after looking through her website, her images and service, i opted for 1hr of absolute pleasure. we indulged in bbbj(cim), anal and the session was taped.

the images on her website are accurate, but in person the experience is much greater. the way she stares at you with her beautiful eyes while giving you bj. those amazing breasts and her soft pale skin.

i am a shy guy and mel adjusted to my needs, but i am sure she could cater to any experience a client wanted.

her friendly, easy going nature makes her an absolute pleasure to be with. it is obvious she is comfortable in herself and enjoys her work. it shows in her service.

during the experience, time seemed to stop. mel is no clock watcher and we went substantially OT, but obviously this was only possible because she didnt have a booking str8 after mine.

the cost of this experience was $490, which if you havent seen mel might seem high. i can tell you now it is a bargain.

do you self a favour and book mel when next in melbourne.

LOOKS: 9/10 (see website)
SERVICE:10/10 (offers bbbj, greek,etc…gives 110%)
ATTITUDE:10/10 (friendly, natural, intelligent)
VALUE:10/10 (will not disappoint)

hopefully some others can share there recent experiences.



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    Posted 2/4/2006 6:21 PM (GMT +11)  
finally had my time with mel today. what can i say. she is just a great girl. if you like her pictures on the website, well she is even hotter in person. she has the most beautiful eyes.
perhaps her greatest attributes is her eagerness to please and her easy going, friendly nature. she was a pleasure to be with.
i wont go into details about her service, other than to say eveything she promises on her website is delivered and then some.
i am a very shy guy, and she made me relax and helped me enjoy myself and i will benefit from the experience for along time.
her aim is definately to please and she is no clock watcher.
she was definately value for money and i would see her anytime.

thanx again mel, and i hope the tour was a success.



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post11th January, 2006 – 08:54pm

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As a treat for my birthday recently, after some discussion with the lady in question took the plunge and made a booking. A truly rewarding and satisfying experience. Leaving me to ponder many possibilities of what could fun could be had with this lady in future visits. The experience for me was very much a mixture of the cute GFE with at moments the full on PSE and intense at times. Certainly if you treat her right and relax and enjoy, to see her in an orgasmic state is a sight to behold. Details i hear you say ? Well i’m not in the habit of going into detailed reviews but suffice to say if you take the time to read her website you get exactly as described. An exceptional experience for me from an exceptional young lady. Thanks Mel




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Female Escorts
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Melanie Robinson






mel provides an amazing service – so erotic and full on! loved the full facial!.. 

I have visited Melanie several times and have enjoyed her company so much. She’s sexy, funny and really gets into participation. From massage, to blow jobs to full facials and slippery ficking – she’s full on and fucking amazing. And she’s excellent value. I can’t wait till my next visit!




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    Posted 8/11/2005 3:40 PM (GMT +11)  
How does one accomplish the impossible? As I wing across the Pacific I wrestle with the words and feelings to describe the astonishing Miss Melanie and the two (that’s right gentle reader, two) evenings we spent together. I’m convinced that all the poets and bards–living, dead and yet to be born–could not adequately capture her essence with mere paper and ink (or in our case keyboards and LCD’s). Yet my very soul begs to find some way to seize the memories of our time together in some tangible manner. So gentlemen (and I’m sure a few ladies), please indulge this poor smitten creature and I will attempt to share my experiences in an attempt to allow you to vicariously enter into our rapturous time together…..

Compared to the rest of you here, I’m a rank amateur, so much so in fact that this was my first time with a WL. Scanning the internet for information regarding Australia in general and Sydney in particular in preparation for a business trip, I stumbled across Miss Melanie’s website. I was possessed! Reluctantly I contacted her via email. I was fearful of saying or doing the “wrong” thing. I was not even really planning on meeting with her. But there was something “naughty” about corresponding with this unknown person clear on the other side of the world. Her way with words intrigued me. In some ways she seemed older than years…in others she was a child with simplistically clear thoughts and emotions—a bundle of contradictions and alluring banter in a gorgeous wrapping. How could one resist?

Soon I was IM’ing her. Being that we were on opposite sides of the world our schedules were very different. Often it was hard to get her as she was just going to bed as I was rising in the early morning…but we would briefly chat as she would tell me a little more about herself and allude to what we could and would do if I were to contact her when I arrived in Sydney. She also directed me to this very website and forum, where I read of the incredible delights that awaited me.

I agreed to meet her a couple of nights after I arrived in Sydney. The two days leading up to our first interlude were filled with naughty banter as we IM’d back and forth–she from her home and me in meetings surrounded by stuffy business types. If the people around had any idea what we were discussing they would have fainted dead away! But that raised the expectation level even higher.

Finally the magic evening arrived. Rushing back to the hotel from work, I stopped to pick up a bottle of her favorite champagne and strawberries. I was running a little late, but wanted to be sure I got time to shave again before she arrived. No sense giving the lady a rash on the insides of her thighs. I set out the champagne and strawberries and dashed to the bathroom to shave. Still rinsing shaving cream from my face I froze at the sound of the telephone! Doing my best to sound like an even sexier Barry White, I answered the phone sounding more like an adolescent boy and squeaked out, “Hello.” An almost imperceptible, little-girl-like voice answered back. “Hi. I’m downstairs and I’m on my way up.” “See you soon, babe,” came my pathetic reply.

My heart was racing faster than if I had run up the path to Barrenjoey Lighthouse. I dashed about the room making last minute preparations. This needs to be perfect. Finally came the quiet, almost imperceptible knock at my door. This is it. The moment I’d been waiting and planning for. Will she take a look at me, a middle-aged, graying, overweight “old fart” and decide to turn tail and run? What do I have in common with someone half my age? Am I an idiot for doing this? Perhaps I’ll tell her it’s all just a big mistake and give her enough to make it worth her time. As I scrambled to collect my thoughts I gripped the door handle and, with a deep breath, opened the door.

At six foot, three inches I almost tower over Mel, even with her signature boots on. She looks up at me with those incredible eyes and all doubt instantly fades. She slides past me into the room and as I close the door she kisses me. Oh, how I adore kissing. It’s one of the things which makes life worth living. And she is good at it! “I got the champagne,” I stammer while I lead her into the room. I must have said something else as well…but the brain was on overload taking in the delicacy in front of me.

Mel shooed me off to the shower as she popped the cork on the champagne. I quickly completed my shower and just as I pull the curtain back, Mel pops in the bathroom—fully clothed—to dry me off. We adjourned to the main area to toast our evening with champagne. Me, wearing the same outfit I was born in; Melanie still fully dressed. I noticed the shades had been opened. “You don’t mind showing off do you?” came her seductive question. “Uh, no…not really…sure” I stammered. Melanie lounged seductively on the bed while I leaned against the counter, both of us sipping our drinks. Conversation came easy with Mel, and I enjoyed watching her munch strawberries as she sipped her Cliquot. A girl with an appetite…a very good sign!

Not sure exactly how or when it happened, but the distance between us began to close. She was moving, almost imperceptively to the foot of the bed and I was slowly edging toward her. I turned to place my empty glass on the counter and….oh. Melanie was on me like a woman starving. Her hands, mouth…every body part, was being used. There was change in mood in the room. The undressing of Mel began. First the boots and the oh so cute Santa socks! Then her top revealing a gorgeous red lace bra, then the skirt and I thought my heart would stop.

Stumbling to the bed we devoured each other, literally. Finally that lacy piece of material was gone and I could finally view, kiss and caress those delectable breasts. I could almost have spent the whole evening right there. Her nipples are phenomenal, rising to the occasion like good little soldiers snapping to attention. Ouch, well almost, she’s nibbling on mine and biting down, hard! Oh my, the swelling in my loins increases—if that’s possible. She slides down and there’s the rapturous feeling of being engulfed in the warm wet mouth of an incredible woman. Tongue swirling, hand pumping, eyes staring right into mine. Then suddenly lower. The tip of her tongue separates one ball from the other then laps it gentle before slowly sucking it into her mouth. More swirling and sucking and I can feel ecstasy right into the core of my very being. Her hands are exploring all over, my breath is quick, shallow and ragged. Suddenly she’s on top of me, taking me in to her hot, moist, tight womanhood. She stares me in the eyes and begins to ride me. Slowly, excruciatingly slowly at first. More back and forth than up and down. Teasing, squeezing, as if she were milking my cock. All the while staring at me with those incredible eyes of hers and with the trademark Mel pout on her face. Gradually the pace began to quicken, as did Mel’s breathing (okay, and mine too). Then we were no longer making love, we were f****** and doing it like people possessed. Her juices were flowing freely and began to soak my mid-section. Melanie was no longer just panting, but groaning. She pressed her hands into my chest with enough pressure to leave two bruises, and rode hard. Now it was beyond groaning, we were animals close to reaching nirvana. With a scream she thrashed hard against me then collapsed to the side, twitching slightly. I’d just experienced one of the “blackout” orgasms that Mel is famous for. “How long was I out,” she asked? “Not too long, just long enough for me to ravish you,” I replied. “Do that while I’m awake,” was the retort!

Time for a break. Mel had a cigarette and more champagne, I gulped some water then champagne. We cuddled, chatted, fondled, kissed, caressed and made love with our eyes. Making little lines on her body with my tongue I slowly made my way down between her lovely legs. Teasing and stroking I finally found that special spot as I nibbled and licked like a mad man. Soon my efforts were rewarded by another thrashingly powerful orgasm accompanied by a seemingly endless supply of Mel juice. The smell is womanly, heady and wonderful. The taste? Divine. Now I know why Mel suggests extra towels. Note to future clients: have at least a minimum of 6 large towels handy. Don’t ask why, just trust me.

Being an old fart, I was happy to cuddle and kiss, and we did for a while. But then Mel broke out her “bag of tricks” and helped me experience some new things. Never been probed in the backside before….in fact had considered having a tattoo done on my ass that would say “Exit Only!” However, under her skilful and loving ministrations, she ROCKED me! I arched in an exquisite orgasm unlike anything I’d ever had. As I opened my eyes, there was Mel gazing straight into my face with that crooked little grin. I was in heaven.

Other details of the rest of our time together elude me right now. I remember flashes of things like: the rich moisture from her pussy leaving wet traces on my legs and stomach and chin; I remember her crying out for me to go harder, deeper, faster…and I tried to oblige. I remember thinking I’ll never be the same again.

It would be so easy to break the first rule of “punting” with Mel, you know, don’t fall in love. She is such a special, creative lady. I’m more than twice her age, yet we enjoyed a kinship of spirit. Our likes, dislikes and hobbies were almost identical. I could actually have spent the night talking with her! Our three hour session ended much too soon. I was exhausted on the bed, she was seductively getting dressed—yes even that was sexy. I reluctantly kissed her goodbye and collapsed on the bed. I could have died right then, a fulfilled man. And to think that in two nights, Mel was coming back and bringing Cleo with her!!!! I’ll save that for another time. I pulled the comforter up and—there it was, the unmistakable smell of my lover. I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face.

P.S. Yesterday I was getting into the lift at the hotel to leave. I stepped into the empty elevator and, there it was. Mel’s scent, her essence, the same perfume she wears. My head began to spin with the memories and my knees went weak. Oh Mel, I miss you so much already.





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    Posted 12/10/2005 8:29 PM (GMT +10)   
I drove an hour to see her for her Melbourne trip and it was well worth it.

Mel’s website describes her accurately except I didn’t expect her to be so warm and friendly. Mel has a wonderful welcoming attitude, a lovely face with kissable lips, great firm tits, tight pussy with good muscle control and she has great oral skills during and after her services.

She mentioned afterward that her boyfriend drives a hot car with a great sound system.
“Just like mine”, I said.
“How many dB’s?”
“Dee … whose?” I thought, but answered “A few!” Of course she saw straight through me.

Her tatts on her back are different to most others I have seen and they hint that she is into heavy metal. They say opposites attract, like heavy-metal/classical, young/old, exciting/boring, F/M, black/white, yin/yan, in/out, 6/9. Great fun!





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    Posted 7/10/2005 9:51 PM (GMT +10)  

The best endorsement for a Working Lady is when a client moves business appointments, cancels other arrangements and tells people that he is unavailable. I did that on the morning of Friday 7 October 2005, once I’d learnt that Melanie of Sydney was coming back to be “Mel of Mel” for a couple of days. After my last experience with this remarkable individual, and unique young Working Lady, the rest of the world could go to heck! My priorities were set.

I was on the phone to Club 556 at 10.00am, to tell Valkyrie to put the kettle on because I’m five minutes away. 

But we don’t open till 10.30! She tells me. She pauses, laughs, Oh come on then.

Well I did compensate; by bringing donuts and pastries from that little shop in Lygon Street Brunswick East, where they are all handmade and taste divine. (It’s opposite Pickwood Lodge for those looking for a landmark).

“open the Parlour back door Val” I say.

(sounds like a famous line from 2001 A Space Odyssey doesn’t it?: “open the Pod Bay doors Hal”)

I think Mel is still in bed, Valkyrie tells me (Mel was staying at the parlour).

Don’t worry about it Valkyrie, I said. Leave her there. It’s where I want her anyway. You and I can have a cuppa and a donut, and then I’ll just go upstairs and hop in with her. The ultimate Girl Friend Experience. In fact, I’ll bring her a cup of tea in bed just to cap it off.

So, over tea and donuts, Val and I had a little chat about this and that. Val tells me about her background as a dominatrix. She can see I’m getting scared; changes the subject; and we discuss the ever growing fan club for the rising star I am just about to spend a blissful hour with.

Then Mel arrives. Looking very corporate. She looks sexy, as always, but……..but…….(I’ll tell you in a minute)

We go upstairs.

Melanie stays in the room whilst I undress.

Don’t mind me, she says. I just want to see what you’re going to do with your underpants.

Cheeky bugger, I tell her. You want to check me? I ask

You just want me to handle your cock whilst I’m dressed in this corporate suit and you’re naked, don’t you?

Uh…no, I just believe in being safe…Oh shit! Actually, Yeah!

She checks me out.


She slaps my arse. Just shower, I’ll be right back.

Melanie Returns to the room about ten minutes later, but now the corporate Melanie is gone and Mel is … A TOTAL FUCKING SLUT!

She remembered! Yay! 

Black see-through top. Disgustingly short skirt. Fag hanging from the side of the mouth, and attitude to boot! So we get into this little game for a while, with all the appropriate dirty talk etc.

Plenty of oral for both of us, whilst she is still half dressed with her garments being torn off and thrown around the room. 

God! she is a bundle of energy this morning. Drags me off the bed. Has me standing next to the mirror. Kisses down each other’s bodies. As I kiss down her body she pushes me down by the shoulders. After a while, grabs me under the arms, pulls me to my feet. Grabs my hair, pashes wildly, and…..(this bit you aren’t going to believe!)….physically picks me up and throws me on the bed! And she is half my size! (I have asked this question before – how much Stamina does a working lady have?)…and she didn’t even have time for a donut.

Utterly ravages me. 

Right now I’m a bit worried about my heart rate. But fuck it! What a way to go.

Heaps more DATY is followed by an orgasm from Melanie Of Sydney, that they must have heard in Sydney. 

She nearly blacked out!

Fark! Mel, are you okay?

She groans, pulls me up next to her. It’s okay, she says. It happens sometimes.

Well…I’m glad it happened today, I tell her. Thanks for the privilege. I really do feel very special right now.

Dear reader. Don’t worry, I’m not boasting. Like Melanie told me last time, she doesn’t do vanilla sex. She doesn’t do pretend sex. It’s real; she gets 100% into it. And after looking after her client, she makes damn sure that Melanie has a good time too.

Now it’s your turn, she tells me. You’re going to feel a lot more special in a minute. On your knees Mr Princely


Don’t worry, no hurties and no watermelons; but how does this feel?

You think I’m going to tell you lot, what she did to me? 

Forget about it!

Lets just say, it was a totally new experience for me.

But I wanted to go there. Hell! You live once. Find out, I said to myself. I trust her, and she is the consummate professional.

Trouble is, after about 40 minutes, the toys and the games all became too much for me. I am half her age remember. And, all though I’m enjoying all of this, I realise my poor little tool has got all confused.

Hey Mel, I’m not going to be able to do the main course with my tool looking like this.


She worked me like crazy, but no action.

My fault, I tell her, I’m panicking; we’re running out of time. I’m not going to make it. Oh dear.

It’s okay Princely

Stop everything: even the clock.

Lights out.

She comes back to the bed like a shy lover.

Lay in the semi-darkness together. Just hear the breathing. 

(Thank God for receptionists like Valkyrie who is so switched on, she even read my posts and ensured no crap music was going to ruin anything.)

This is no joke. This moment in time belongs to me; Melanie gave it to me.

And I don’t want some shit-can radio in the room with us.

Her lips next to mine. Her tender hands tracing my skin. So quiet. So peaceful. Must be the contrast. Voices in the street below. People going about their business. They don’t know. A tram rolls past. Light shadows pass on the wall. The curtain moves gently. Her breath. She is talking to me gently. Bugger! I’m going to cry. No I’m not. It’s cool. Drifting. Every touch so sensitive. My skin is alive. Moist tender kisses. 

The tool likes this. He’s working now alright.

Where’s Mel? I say to myself. Oh!…..Oh! she’s down there! So that ‘s what that unbelievable feeling is? I’ve had some head jobs before but this one is out of this world. A technique that you don’t come across every day. 


With a finish that is equally rare.

After the all the anticipation of seeing her again; the excitement; and energy of the session; the anxiety of nearly letting myself down at the critical moment….then this!

Perhaps it was the contrast with the two parts of the session. But it was one of the most memorable orgasms I’ve ever had.

I can’t believe it was mine.

Regrets? Come off it!

Actually, I must admit I feel a little selfish. 

Through chat and PM’s I feel I have grown close to Melanie Of Sydney since her last visit. Yet we didn’t discuss or raise the things we’d been chatting about. I guess that is because when the bedroom door closes Melanie gives 100%. And I just went with it. 


Her reputation as an exciting and unique Working Lady is growing rapidly. When I left Valkyrie was juggling the timetable trying to figure out how to fit the guys in. 


I bet Melanie of Sydney gives 100% to every last one of them!


Faithful & Loyal to Every Working Lady





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    Posted 16/9/2005 10:43 PM (GMT +10)   
There have been a few comments in this thread that no-one from Sydney has posted a review of Melanie………….so here goes.

After a PM via this site and a few phone calls, Melanie turned up at my hotel room just about on time. When I opened the door I was immediately taken with how tall she was, but a lot of that was huge boots which seemed like they were spring-loaded. She was all in black, right down to the punk-chick mascara, except that her mainly jet-black hair was half-tinted a deep green.

Within seconds she had me pinned up against the wall of the hotel room, slowly peeling off my clothes, and was encouraging me to do the same for her. But she was moving and writhing so sensuously up against me, it was difficult to concentrate on removing anything. She had to help me – and eventually there was nothing covering her beautiful pale skin except a dog-collar. And then I was being licked and sucked and kissed in all the best places. It felt great, and that was before we even made it onto the bed!

I took the initiative and asked if I could go down on her. It took a while, but after some time with my well-practised tongue, I was rewarded by some deep-throated moans and an explosive orgasm. I had seen mention of some of her juicy activities in her thread on the site, so I went searching for the elusive G-spot. So the “second cuming” was a lot quicker, and even more dramatic. Soon my fingers were swimming in a sea of salty girl-cum, and I could see why she had organised for a towel to be on the bed.

I had followed up on her suggestion and asked her to bring her rabbit vibe for some extra fun. It was so big it wouldn’t fit into her small handbag, so it had a plastic case of its own. She asked if I would drive it, which was a bit daunting – it seemed to have more controls and buttons than a PlayStation console……But after some practice it seemed to work OK, and the ‘third cuming’ was so intense she seemed almost to black out – I was a little worried for a few seconds.

And then it was my turn. She asked whether it should be me on top or her on top. I chose for her to be on top just so I could look at her beautiful pale body and sultry eyes. After a slow sensual build up I wished would never end, but wasn’t probably more than a few minutes, it was all over, and we just lay there and relaxed for a while. And I didn’t even get to try the great massage from her that others have described so well.

Afterwards we had a shower together – very close in the tiny shower recess in the hotel room. We talked about our day jobs, and she told me the meanings of her self-designed tattoos and described all the colours that her hair had been over the past few months.

She wanted to smoke, but respected my wishes when I said I didn’t like it – then we set about wondering how we could disable the smoke-detectors in the room. The hour and a half I spent with her had just flashed by.

What a fascinating experience – a lady way outside the square – so different to anyone I’d been with before and such a change from the “usual WL” (if there is such a person).

I can’t wait to see her again.






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    Posted 12/9/2005 2:39 PM (GMT +10)   
And here’s my contribution, reposted from Club 556 thread (so all you Sydney guys, we look forward to your reviews of this top lady):

I also had the pleasure of spending an hour with the lovely Melanie yesterday, and also had the chance to meet valkyrie on reception for the first time – this is one place that really makes you feel welcome!

After talking to Mel in chat, and visiting her website, there was something about this lady that intrigued me, so when I heard she was visiting Melbourne I just had to make a booking to see her.

She is a wonderfully cuddly lady, just as she describes herself on her site. And she is really into sex, just as princely described, and it’s not vanilla, it’s a really full on experience. From jumping out of the shower until after the buzzer, we hardly stopped except for a brief but expert massage somewhere in the middle.

We also had a great conversation across many topics (somehow, amongst all the exertion) – she is a very intelligent lady.

A memorable experience, one not to be missed – so I’d recommend all you Melbourne guys to make a booking this arvo!






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    Posted 11/9/2005 6:34 AM (GMT +10)   
I’m really not sure if I am doing the right thing here or not. I"ll leave it to the moderators to sort out and move or delete this if necessary. Perhaps a protocol needs to be established as to whether reviews of touring ladies should be posted in their own thread or in the thread of the host parlour. Anyway, in respect to Melanie, and to ensure that any future enquiring punters, get immediate feedback. Here is a copy of the review I posted re Melanie Of Sydney’s, Melbourne visit to Club 556.

Melanie of Sydney is different from what I expected. Although the appearance is the same as the pictures on her web site.

…. especially when she looks up at you when giving head. (there you are, straight to the dirty bit for those that can’t wait).

She pops up on chat and I love to chat with her. Such a cheeky girl, and very, very funny. And I am an absolute sucker for a funny girl. Funny is sexy.

Last time we chatted she was being her usual outrageous self. I think Badbadgirl – (another girl who turns me on, just because she’s so damn funny) started the conversation (who else?!). Something about the way guys squeal when the lady goes for the arse. Mel is threatening to serve me with a cucumber. I call her bluff and tell her, cucumbers are for wimps, bring on the watermelons. Ah, you know how it goes.

Then there was the 556 thread, announcing that Mel is going to be in Melbourne for two days to issue spankings to any willing recipients.

So why the hell would I call in at a brothel called 556, at 11am in the morning to see a 23 year old rock chick, when young WL’s, spankings and watermelons up my rear, are really not my thing?

Because, personality gets to me. And Mel has heaps of it. 

She has a nicely-brought-up-girl voice. It’s different from her chat voice. There seems to be caution, rather than the brazen girl who dishes it out on chat. And for a moment I am worried. And I remind myself why I don’t choose the youngies. But then I’m her first customer in a parlour she has never worked in before. In a city she has never worked in before.

Then suddenly just as soon as the formalities and showers are finished, she’s there. Just like a glorious experienced Working Lady in her thirties. She’s totally relaxed, comfortable and into it. My fears are allayed.

I’m expecting her to just whip her gear off, but no. The disrobing of Mel is a part of the session. One item at a time, slowly, slowly and all the time she is working me over. Hands running down me, kissing, sucking, licking. I’m trembling by the time the last item is removed from her. And we’re still standing!

The dog collar remains on. Her tattoos are self designed and run down her back. They are very much an extension of herself, rather than something applied to herself. With her personality and appearance they seem right. They are part of her, and I like her, so I like them too.


We hit the bed. 

We kiss and explore each other. 

I have something to tell you. I confess


I’m Princely.

She cracks up laughing. Watermelon Man! I was hoping you’d come. I’ve brought one for you, she threatens.


Now this is the Melanie Of Sydney, I’ve come to know and love on chat.


She might be young, but she has learnt a hell of a lot from somewhere. This girl looks at you, pushes you on, encourages you. She has real sex with you.

I don’t do vanilla sex, she tells me.

It’s quite the GFE, and, I’m damn sure there is a full on PSE available for the brave, with a push of the right buttons. Be those buttons fiscal or physical (that’s Mel’s business).

Gawd! What’s wrong with the world!? The young teaching the old. Surely I can bring something to the session. After all, I’m more than twice her age.

Got to show her I’m good for something.

I explore South to find one very bald pussy.


Once again, thank you Mel for encouraging, enjoying and responding so very positively to the DATY. It was a hell of a pleasure for me too!

She really is a marvel! She is brave and experienced and confident and best of all, she really gets into it herself.

She is giving me amazing oral and looking up at me with those mascara rock-chick eyes. I could take a lot of this but it is too exciting and I really don’t want to fire the cannon till the main event.

How do you want to fuck? She asks. Me on top, you on top?

Good old mish, I tell her.

Cool, do it this way so I can hang my head over the side of the bed and look at us in the mirror.


Yikes!, did Mel ever pump some life into me!



She offers me a cigarette.

I don’t smoke, I tell her.

Then I won’t, she says.

No, I want you to. I blush, I like Working Ladies who smoke, it’s slutty.

She laughs. Hell, Princely, if it’s slutty you want, you should’ve just said so. I brought a whole slutty outfit with me.


It was a lovely after-sex talk. Mel is one intelligent sensitive lady, let me tell you. God, I hope all good things come into this sweet girls life.

Let’s share the shower, she said, when she finished her cigarette.

Her tender hands washed me.

Mel gave me a beautiful service and proved to me there is such a thing as a Working Lady under thirty who can really deliver.

And as for all that spanking and stuff. I’m sure it’s on the menu if that’s your thing. Also if there are any particularly brave punters out there, it would be a shame to see that watermelon go to waste. She’s here for another day. 


Faithful & Loyal to Every Working Lady







Doubles Reviews


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Private (NSW) – 05/03/08 – Melanie and Cleo in Sydney, Review by Cunning1
post 10th March, 2008 – 07:56pm

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Well it was a fine day the day I found out that Cleo was back from WL free land, a place where girls go for a rest and to see what it is like on the other side.


Just occasionally, they come back from that dark place to enjoy fun with their friends and punters from days of yore. And so it was to be. I arranged with Mel that we would break her in easily with a threesome to her return to sexual liberation, and at the appointed hour I left Kings Cross station to head for the apartment in Potts Point that Mel uses.


I was greeted at the door by Mel, and as I slipped in to the bedroom there was my little pussycat, smiling and purring and saying "oh it’s you…" in the nicest possible way. After some chat they asked me if I wanted to jump in the shower, which I did, but only with Cleo. She obliged and memories of times past came flooding back to both of us. We used to get in the shower and be half done by the time we left!


Now, so as to not leave Mel out, we retired to the bedroom and unruly behaviour set in with each and every one of us playing, licking and generally prodding whatever was to hand. The night degenerated into an oral festival, with both girls licking me and me licking both girls. And then Mel got out her "torch"! A vibrator with a lit head that went from green to red to blue, when not fully inserted inside Cleo’s pussy. Well it probably was still glowing when it was in deep, but who could tell!


Things got to a new low, when Mel asked Cleo if she wanted the vibrator up her bum. It didn’t happen, but I think that was because I had to take control and get some serious copulation going. After what seemed like at least 2 hours, we all lay on the bed in bliss, everyone having had a good orgasm and we chatted on.


I left about 11.30 having arrived at 8pm. These girls like giving and for $800, I was more than happy. As I walked back to Kings Cross station, the streetwalkers were hanging around waving to me. Sorry girls, I am empty, I wanted to shout. But in fact what I thought was how much nicer a night with two intelligent and sexy girls had been.


Welcome back Cleo, great to finally meet Mel in full flight.




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Private (NSW) – XX/06/07 – Jayde and Melanie, Double Reviewed by starstar
post 29th June, 2007 – 07:42pm

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I recently had the pleasure of enjoying both Jayde and Melanie…or should I say I was recently pleasured by the wonderful Jayde and Melanie…

I had never been with 2 women before so I was a little nervous in the days leading up to the big day – but I need not of worried. As soon as I walked through the door (with a box of chocolates for each of them) I found myself in heaven!.

The feeling of being sandwiched between these two women was absolutely wonderful. Melanie kissed me deep and hard and Jayde’s hands seemed to be everywhere. The hour seemed to pass in a blur…some memories which keep floating to the surface are:

* Melanie saying to Jayde "I’ll take care of his cock, you sit on his face"
* Then a little later Melanie grabbing my feet and dragging me down the bed to get me in a better position.
* The sight of my cock engulfed between Jayde’s breasts.
* Watching Melanie go down on Jayde
* Melanie bouncing up and down on me
* Watching Jayde masturbate
* & the finale with me kneeing on one side of Jayde, who was holding her breasts together while Melanie lay on the other side of her with her mouth open waiting………

My hour cost me $700 but has left me with some wonderful memories. Over the next month or so I hope to be able to organise a time to enjoy each of these wonderful ladies on a one to one basis.



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    Posted 12/19/2005 2:56 PM (GMT +11)    
Cleo and Mel Duo Review

Well fellow punters, I’ve finally put to pen to paper again to share with you about my amazing evening with Melanie and Cleo. First, let me state that after my evening with Mel I was more than a little afraid of being able to keep up with these two firebrands. That fear was well-founded!

I had to work late and had just gotten back to my room when the ladies knocked on the door. I opened it expectantly and Mel entered first, giving me a long, deep kiss. Ah, the taste of things to come. Miss Cleo slide into the room, brushing—rubbing past me like the fine feline she is. Her side, and hand, brushing against the front of my pants as she purred deeply. Oh yeah.

I had some music playing and Cleo moved to the music as she made her way into the room. “Ladies, I just got in from work and….” I never got to finish the sentence. “You haven’t showered yet,” stated Mel. “Well, no…,” I replied. “Well get in there, NOW!” Not to be one to argue with a lady I began to strip off on my way to the bathroom. “And hurry!” came the demanding command.

I got into the shower and began to soap up. From the bedroom came the unmistakable sound of giggling growing into outright laughter. I hurried and dried off, this time by myself. The laughing grew louder. For just a split second I remember thinking, I hope they’re not laughing about the size of my…well you know. As I rounded the corner into the bedroom I saw that Mel and Cleo had started without me. Cleo was tickling Mel as the rolled around the bed together. Although fully clothed, flashes of leg, cleavage and sexy underwear made the scene very erotic. “Hurry up and get in bed,” Mel prompted. I lay down and was immediately attacked by two very sexy women. They kissed and nibbled and licked and…well they were everywhere. I went from one set of lips to the other, kissing deeply. “Did Mel tell you I love kissing,” I asked Cleo? “Meow, yes,” came the reply. And so we did. Pretty soon Cleo was stroking my cock and was nibbling on the insides of my thighs as Mel and I made out like teenagers in the back seat of a car on a Friday night. I was fingering Cleo and she was dripping down my hand, purring and twisting against my hand and wrist. “Get a condom, quick. I gotta get him inside of me now,” Cleo panted to Melanie. Mel ripped open a condom and put it on in her own special way! “Let me help,” Mel said as she grabbed my cock and held it for Cleo as she lowered herself on me. “Oh God,” Cleo exclaimed. I echoed her statement!

As Cleo rode me like a woman possessed, Mel went back and forth between kissing Cleo and exploring my tonsils! God I love kissing that woman!!! My hands were exploring everywhere, finding all kinds of wonderful things to caress and stoke. Cleo was moving faster now, making cute little noises and was beginning to turn red in the face. I reached up and tweaked Cleo’s sweet little nipples, then reached down and rubbed her clit with my thumb as she leaned back. Pretty soon, Cleo arched like the cat she is and came—hard. “Isn’t she beautiful when she does that,” Mel remarked. “She certainly is.”

Bodies moved around, positions changed, hands moved into new “places” and the dance of sex started again. Soon Cleo’s face was buried between Mel’s legs as I watched closely. I’m always ready to learn new things. Then Cleo reciprocated to Mel and put a new condom on me as Melanie and I started our climb to ecstasy. I slipped the bonds of reality and passed into the ethereal. When Mel rides you, well words just can’t describe it. You’ve got to experience her.

After a short break where Mel grabbed a cigarette and Cleo sipped some tea, and I tried to figure out if I were still alive, we began to kiss and cuddle on the bed again. Pretty soon I was a “stand up” guy and both ladies were very dedicated to keeping me that way. I reminded Mel that she had mentioned a special “position” that sounded very interesting to me. She grinned and flipped on to her back, pulling Cleo on top of her. At first I just watched as they kissed and ground against each other. I moved to the end of the bed and began to move from one gorgeous, heavenly scented pussy to the other. As Mel and Cleo locked lips and explored each others mouth, I tongued one clit and then the other. I alternated back and forth, licking one woman and fingering the other, then back again. Then I was using two fingers in Cleo’s pussy as I abused Mel’s clit with my tongue. First Cleo, then Mel came—pussy juices from each melding into one delicious stream. A large wet spot on the bed marked where we had floated off to nirvana.

As the ladies separated themselves, I crawled up between them, goatee and cheeks wet with wonderful girl juices. Three tongues came together in the most incredible kisses I’d ever had.

Conversation, erotic touching, whispering, giggling—lips (both sets), breasts, hands, toes…oh my. Somehow Cleo ended up underneath me and I was doing my best to bring her to another climax. Being an "old guy" my energy and lower back began to tire out. I started to slow down. "NO," Cleo hollered. "Don’t you stop, don’t you dare stop!" Her ankles hooked my hips and she drove herself upwards as I had a burst of renewed energy and sped up again…trying to drive fast, hard and deep. Before my legs and back went out entirely, the sleek Miss Cleo shook with another great orgasm. Our “afterglow” was wonderful. Unfortunately our time was coming to an end. The ladies began to dress…each other. My poor, “abused” cock began to rise again. We kissed each other good-bye, over and over again. I limped to the door and gave one last hug and kiss to each lady. It had been an incredible evening…I can hardly wait to get back to Australia….and do it again.




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    Posted 25/11/2005 4:30PM (GMT +11)  
Yes Princely, well written sir !

I also enjoyed the twin delights of Mel & Cleo today.

I thought, well if I pace things right, I can shoot my load once….recover while I watch the girls in action, then have another happy ending. Instead, I shot my load once as planned, then again maybe 5 minutes later. (Some years since I last did that !) Whoever said Mel gives a great blowjob, was right ! It helped that I was listening to Cleo moaning as she sat on my face at the time.


Maybe because I’d spent 10 mins chatting with Cleo beforehand, I found her quite captivating………and gorgeous….and sexy………and irresistible. A woman who purrs & miaows like that is hard to resist !

Of course, it helped that Mel & Cleo were genuinely into each other. (Does Mel have an intense orgasm, or what ??!!) Great, complementary personalities, too……friendly, unpretentious, great sense of humor.

Let’s say I had a fantastic time……….and I do believe the two ladies enjoyed themselves too. They weren’t clock-watching at any stage either….all up, I’d say $700 well invested.

Let’s hope they visit Melbourne more often.




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   Posted 24/11/2005 8:14 PM (GMT +11)  

Do not miss out on this double!
I saw them this morning. It’s eight in the evening and I am still recovering.
These women working together are an experience that will leave you gasping.
Fully detailed review to follow; just as soon as i get back on my feet.
Believe me. It is worth it. It’s the genuine article. No false advertising.
God bless them both!
(give me another day and I’ll tell all … well nearly all)

Faithful & Loyal to Every Working Lady



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   Posted 24/11/2005 8:14 PM (GMT +11)  

I buy an ice cream I take one scoop; I listen to songs, I listen to them one at time; I have sex, I do it with one woman at a time. Too overwhelming all this doubles stuff.

But then, so is the thought of dying without being able to say: “been there, done that”.

So if you’re going to do it- what better place to start than two hot babes that really know how to kick up a storm. Girls who are funny and clever chat room conversationalists, smart publicists who run sexy frank websites –that are different! Girls with attitude, humour, honesty, intelligence. I’m talking about Melanie of Sydney and Cleo in Sydney – now both touring Melbourne.

A pretty hard double to say no to.

But how am I going to handle this?

These are the thoughts I had as I lay in bed last night:

First time I woke up I thought of a new thing (ha ha ha, like there is anything new in the world of sex). But I figured I’d invented something, and I call it “deprivation sex”. It works like this: One of the girls would have to sit in the corner, deprived, whilst the other girl gets all the attention. She has to sit there and watch (she is allowed to masturbate), till she can’t stand it anymore. Then we swap. I figured this would be a smart move – we do the double; but I only have to handle one girl at a time.

Second time I woke up I figured, don’t worry. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good lesbian show? Just get em to work over each other and hop in on an as needs basis. 

Third time I woke up I thought it would be cool to have them constantly working on each other but I’m only ever working on one of the ladies. So, if I’m down on Cleo, Mel is not allowed to touch me, but she is allowed to pash on with Cleo or whatever.

Conversely if I’m down on Mel, Cleo has to work on Mel too. Maybe suck those gorgeous nipples of hers or whatever. 

But only one lady at a time on Princely, please.

Finally, by the time I woke up from a rather fitful sleep, I got it all figured. Basically I just go in there, tell em who’s boss and how we’re going to play it and that should be that. 

Yep! Got ‘em covered.!

What should I wear? 

Didn’t have to see any clients this morning – no need for the suit, and I live close enough to go home and change after the event. A hot day. Summer shirt, shorts, sandals.

Okay so now I’m gonna tell em who’s the boss dressed like a bogon on a Gold Coast holiday. 

Mmm? Forget the shorts, jeans will do.

Off to 556/Remingtons……

I’m keen, mean and in charge when the ladies arrive. Cup of tea in the waiting room, whilst they get on with the prettification process. Still dressed in civilian gear, Mel takes me upstairs, does the inspection; tosses me in the shower, leaves.

Ten minutes later, I’m sitting butt-naked on the bed.

Enter the ladies! 

By my request, Mel is wearing that disgracefully revealing, attractive slutty orange swirly dress that is featured in a favourite picture amongst all of us. 

Cleo is wearing, fishnet stockings, black lace little bits of nothing and red bra.

Yikes! It’s going to be so easy to assert myself with these ladies – NOT!

I am attacked and left devastated in the first three minutes. Talk about shock and awe! All personal assertiveness has gone. I am at their mercy and blissfully happy. 

They commence by pashing each other, drag me into it and pretty soon the kissing is unrestrained, full on and deep deep deep.

We get stuck into Mel first. Love this orange swirly sexy short dress – lets get it off. But all the time I’m also under blissful siege because I’m already in the nudies. Anyway, between trying to get Mel’s dress off, being besieged by pashes and multiple body kisses I find myself laid back on the bed and two beautiful women making a meal out of me.

I’d already given the girls the whisper to please slow down when I ask because I sure didn’t want to shoot my load in the first 15 minutes, and they were both wonderful at taking me to the edge then backing off again.

Time to disrobe Cleo. 

You may take my stockings off, she tells me. Everything is intensified in a double. Taking down the tarty self supporting fishnet stockings of a woman you are about to make love to is exciting enough but when, as you are going through the process, she is also being pashed by her girlfriend, and her girlfriend (Mel) is shoving her breast into my face for a nipple work out, it’s just something else!

Cleo has a beautiful body incidentally. She loves her gym work and it shows. Lithe but feminine, and tits that are prominent but natural.

I felt at one stage that this was the ultimate sex session. You could not ask for more than this. It seemed whatever I reached for was granted to me, whatever I responded to with encouraging sounds I was given more of. A DFK from either beautiful lady was bountifully given whilst the other would make herself busy, ball sucking or probing with feminine fingers.

It was overwhelmingly busy at one stage, it seemed there was tits, hands, feet, pussy and lips everywhere and I had to ask for a reassembly of the troops.

Okay Princely, how do you want it?

I want to go down on Cleo and I want you to share. 

With pleasure! came Mels reply.

So we dragged our gorgeous Cleo to the edge of the bed…Miaow…she said and I was allowed first in. Yum! Like Melanie she tastes fabulous (no wonder they like to go down on each other).

Mel is kneeling next to me as we happily share Cleo’s pussy with plenty of DFK for each other in between the licks and the clit sucking. During one of Mel’s lickings I decide to explore further a field. Kisses down Cleo’s long and perfect leg to her feet. DATY and toe sucking for Cleo. Lucky Cleo. Lucky us!

But wait! I’m only inches away from Melanie’s lovely tattooed back. Kisses across the shoulders, lift her green hair to kiss the back of her neck. Oh hang it! Lets have a good pash, Cleo will be alright for a minute.

Well, actually Cleo won’t be alright, because she pretty soon flips around to make sure she doesn’t miss out on her piece of this kissing action. Then Cleo and I decide that Mel has been such a generous giver she deserves a bloody good orgasm.

Back on the bed with her and I get the tits, kissing and all else, whilst Cleo hogs the DATY. 

Mind if I observe your style in close up? I ask. You never know what else there is to learn. Cleo arranges things for me to get in closer. A beautiful wet tongue on a beautiful clit. What a sight! Let me have some of that please. Cleo moves aside and I plunge my tongue into Mel’s pussy, wet with Cleo’s saliva. But Cleo likes to please her friend too. Miaow! She complains, and after a while, I reluctantly give Mel back to her.

For the first time in the twenty minutes we have been working out I’m at a loss as to where to go next. I fancy getting behind Cleo and enjoying whatever I can from the rear whilst she busily continues to eat out Melanie. But there’s not really enough room. Then suddenly it occurs to me that part of the whole glorious episode is the indulgence of watching.

So I watch Cleo continue her obviously superb oral on Melanie till Melanie is thumping the bed and close to having a fit as she has another one those amazing Melanie orgasms.

Fuck yeah Cleo! She is loving it!


After working on the ladies and being an observer for a while my overcharged body has settled down a bit and I can take another onslaught. Face sitting, kissing, ball sucking, toe sucking and heaps of shared cock sucking. Unbelievable! Closed my eyes and guessed who is sucking and who is kissing me. 

open my eyes and take a squint – I got it right most times. One of the most stunningly beautiful (and deeply moving) parts of the session was the eye contact. There was always warmth and happiness.

Not once did these girls stop. If I started to lag, they’d just get stuck into each other. They were amazing!

I’m almost ready for the main course, but one more job to do yet. Mel and I hadn’t quite finished our business on Cleo. So we drag her to the edge of the bed again ….Miaow….and its out with the toys!

God! these girls come well equipped. I’m not much of a toy man but I could be converted. Silver vibrator with this egg shaped thing that you tease the clit with. Something for us both to take charge off. What a fine time was had by all!


Well, I have “known” the lovely Melanie before, so I was very keen not to miss out on the opportunity to get myself acquainted with Cleo. So first it was a bit more oral then her riding me cowgirl. 

Fuck! You got a beautiful pussy Cleo.

Yes, she does, doesn’t she? Says Melanie. 

Melanie comes up the other end and it’s DATY on Mel, and yet another orgasm for Mel, whilst Cleo continues the riding. Once or twice I get a glimpse in the mirror and my pleasure is increased further to see the ladies pashing on with each other as they work on either end of me.

Then the girls flip round. I’m fucking Mel, whilst Cleo face sits.

And that’s about as much as I can fucking take! Bang! I shoot my load! Party over!

Are you alright Princely?

No, I probably need to go to hospital, but I’m very happy.

Did I take advantage of their openly advertised double facial? No. Love to have. I mean, these girls are not kidding around. The utter joy of such an event is there for the taking. But a man’s going to need a bit more man-milk than what’s in my reservoir I’m afraid!

The GFE does not stop when the sex stops. The three of us tenderly spooned together was a lovely experience; me in the middle of course. We talked quietly for ages. I know we are way over time and I keep thinking – any minute now the buzzer is going to sound. But it never does. A reminder, this is their show. They call the shots. And their generosity in this area was just as giving as their sexual generosity (but maybe I was just lucky with my timing. Morning bookings do pay dividends I reckon). But the talking and the warmth and sharing went on for ages well after we had un-spooned. We were friends together. Mel might be sitting on the side of the bed having a smoke whilst Cleo and I cuddle. Or Mel and I might have a few more post-sex pashes whilst Cleo tenderly rubs my back. 

It was a unique and special experience. 


Oh come on guys! I’ve told you all the rude bits but now I have to be a bit of a softie and let you know one of the most impressive things about these women is their kindness, patience, professionalism and genuine warmth. They are just very lovely people to be with. It’s kind of what you always fantasised about: Sweet lovely girls that you could take home with you – that fuck like porn stars.


I reluctantly left 556/Remingtons after about two hours. I bought an ice cream on the way back to the car. Make it a double. Yeah! Give me a scoop of strawberry and passionfruit! Load it on! I can take it.

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   Posted 26/10/2005 7:03PM (GMT +11)   

Went to see Mel today and thought, bugger it i will see Cleo aswell for the no hold s barred double trouble adventure.

I arrived and was greeted by Melanie. She looks just like in her pic s Devilish , and i like devilish. Went through to the room and Mel did the ol Pre flight check on the ol instrument, which seemed to be functioning normally ( throb throb ) Just as Mel was leaving the room ,in walks goddess number 1 Cleo and purrs up against me.Hello she says. Man she s gorgeuos , what a girl.

Anyway after the shower , Mel walked in and helped me wipe off tenderly. she dragged me to the room, where they surrounded me and started kissing me all over.
I though man this is what life s about. Mel throw s me onto the bed and then they take turns giving the greatest head a man can get. Cleo love s to be stimulated and I was just the man for this job. Mel seeing how things were going came and helped me work on Cleo with the vibrator and after she orgasmed . they turned on me and gave me the best teasing session ive had in a long time. Next thing i knew Cleo s planted her pussy in my face 69 er style , man what a nice view. You guys would be proud of the munching i gave it, i ended up with girlie cumm all over my chest.

They looked very pleased. I then gave Mel a good working over and , it s true she nearly does black out , Good girl Mel.

Anyways To the finale, there i was standing there with 2 gorgeous girls giving me head and groping me, i had to hold off for a bit, it was just so damn good. eventually i sprayed them both and almost fell over with joy.

What a great time , Guys you got to go see these girls, they are dynamite.

Mel Is brilliant and What a girl ..adventure spirit number 1 shes open minded and goes for it

Cleo , well she s gorgeous ..beautifull even and she s tender loves to tease and please

I miss you girls already.

Almost melted me ol legs






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