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Well after sharing Melanie a few weeks ago for a couple of hours with Sharna of Melbourne, I decided it was time to see how we would cope with each other flying solo. So after a few exchanges of details a date was set for an overnighter last week, real easy to contact and very quick with the responses. No hassle’s at all.

When Melanie arrived, it was very plain that (as I remembered it) she was very much into DFK and touching. This went on for a little while until we were both pretty aroused and she decided that she would get down on her knees, free Little Mate (LM) from his tight restricted area and so began giving me one of the best BBBJ’s ever. This lady is a bit of a tigress in this area and while it went on for quite awhile, my knees were starting to get the shakes, breathing was a bit shallow, and against my better judgement, suggested she should stop and let me repay the favour.

And so a little bit of DATY began, gently at first, tongue exploring every responsive part of her pussy, geting a little harder with the thrusts into her by now, very wet pussy. Finally I hit the spot she was guiding my head into and so it was DATY in real earnest terms. She held my head hard against her, thrusting her pelvis into my face and moaning louder and louder until such time as she let an almighty shriek and cum all over me, shivering all over, but not letting go of my head until she came again.

After a little cuddle and small talk she asked me what would I like to do, and if I had ever tried “oil wrestling” ? OK, what did that entail? well she explained that she would lay a plastic sheet on the floor, her and I would kneel on the plastic and she would cover both us and the plastic in baby oil, then we could wrestle each other on the floor. Yeah sure, nothing ventured nothing gained so they say, so I’m in for it. Yep, big mistake, I had to admit I was no match for such an energetic and obviously experienced person such as her. After getting pinned numerous times, and having her slide her wonderful sensual body all over me a number of times, I gave up and hit the shower. I mean after all, I had to protect the sheets in the hotel, right???

After that it was a night of fucking in as many positions as possible, many times BBBJ, many more times DFK, and just general debauchery.

Melanie is a real pleasure to spend time with, and if you are unable to accomodate overnight, then you are in for a hell of a hot hour or two. I would recommend nothing short of two hours if you want to experience the real sensualty she exhudes when she is with you. Would I see her again,then the answer is simply yes, I just need to build up the cash reserves a little, as some serious punting is taking place just at the moment.

  • Moon Walkers
  • Star Masters
  • Type: Punter
  • City: Sydney
  • Location: NSW

Guys I also saw Melanie at the end of last year and can recommend her highly.


She will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you want to see a lady who is genuinely interested in making sure that you will enjoy yourself, then Melanie is the girl for you.


I saw her at her in-call location on the Central Coast and stayed with her for an hour. It really wasn’t long enough and I will have to go back and see her again as soon as I can.

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